cake for comfort

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Anonymous asked: whom do you detest more than any other human on Earth? and who's your favorite person ever? (besides your husband)

I don’t really detest anyone. I don’t waste my energy in hating anyone.

After my husband, my favorite person would be my dad 💚

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Anonymous asked: height, weight, favorite style of clothing?

Gettin’ personal.

4’9”. 170 lbs. Vintage styles or classic preppy looks are my favorite.

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Anonymous asked: You're the girl with cake, but what kind of cake???

Uhhh all the cake? As long as it goes in an oven 😁

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Thank you for letting me be fully clothed instead of being in a bikini and a cape, looking like a slut

I don’t know what kind of beach your “fully clothed” musty ass goes to take your monthly showers sis but around these parts, most women wear bikinis to beaches [like Bey in this gif] and there is nothing “slutty” about that. I’ll end the lashing here for your sake. I don’t do walk-in appointments.

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